"Susan Mosher is one of those talents you need to see to believe; on second thought, let's just say you need to see her, and stop there." - Adam Feldman, TimeOut NY

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NEWS: Via GO Magazine


susan mosher by gene reed.web1100 Women We Love: Susan Mosher
by Kat Long, Jacqueline Frances and Andrew Collins

Armed with a dynamite voice, heartfelt observations and ridiculously funny improv, Susan Mosher tirelessly worked nightclubs, theaters, television, film and probably any other media you can imagine to carve out a bi-coastal career and make her Broadway dream a reality. “When I was eight, growing up in San Diego with my parents involved in a nasty divorce, my mom took me to see a production of Camelot. I was absolutely transported by the experience, the sheer escapism,” she tells GO...

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